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LIGHTNING gearbox services

We Specialize in Rebuilding Re-Manufacturing & Reverse Engineering Services on Lightning Gearboxes

Industrial Rotating Machine is the quickest, full service, overall pro in gearbox fixing of LIGHTNING
gearboxes. Taking the most recent developments of our gearbox service specialists, our goal is to get,
often mission-critical, gearboxes once again into production at the shortest timespan possible. We have
a triumphant reputation in LIGHTNING servicing! Having experience with a wide assortment of brands,
we know the weak spots and strengths of any brand. We can fix and frequently improve the reliability of
any gearbox framework.

LIGHTNING gearbox services
Industrial Rotating Machine is specialized in services for the gearboxes in all these industries, as our
professionalism lies in gearbox services. Our highly experienced emergency support professionals work
to provide effective solutions that meet your demands and getting your production running!
We Offer Free Pick Up Delivery and Free Quotes on All Lightning Gearbox Repair Offering 24/7
Emergency Rush Services. We Also Stock and Manufacture All Lightning Gear Sets and Shafts

We have been repairing lightning gearboxes for over three decades for many different industries
• Slurry Pipelines & Storage
• Chemical Processing
• Pulp and Paper
• Oil and Petroleum
• Mining & Minerals
• Pharmaceuticals and Biotech
• Flue Gas Desulfurization
• Wastewater treatment

Any and all repairs performed by gear services on a Lightning gearbox comes with a 36-month warranty
upon the time of installation.

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