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Service Applications

Industrial Rotating Machine Specializes in applications for gear enclosed drives, gearboxes, and other types of gears & drives. For all of your manufacturing, service and repairs, you can count on the experts at Industrial Rotating Machine.

We take a great deal of pride in getting the job done right all the time, every time. When your application requires tight tolerances and attention to detail, we have you covered. 



Industrial Rotating Machine Specializes In Complete Service, Repair, Rebuild and Overhauling!

Before: Falk Hydrapulper Gearbox Repair

After: Gearbox Repair

Before: Falk Gearbox Repair

After: Falk Gearbox Repair

Before- 20000 LB Zambello Extruder Gearbox Repair

After- 20000 LB Zambello Extruder Gearbox Repair

Here Are Just A Few of the Drives that IRM Services:

  • Air Pre-heater Drives

  • Anchor Winch Gear Drives

  • Ball Mill Drives

  • Crane Drives

  • Coiler Drives

  • Crusher Drives

  • Calendar Drives

  • Curing Drives

  • Conveyor Drives

  • Cooling Towers

  • Classifier Drives

  • Crane Slew & Winch Drives

  • Dumper Drives

  • Draw Works Gear Drives

  • Enclosed Drives

  • Extruder Drives

  • Generator Drives

  • Gen Set High-Speed Gear Drives

  • High & Low-Speed Gearboxes for Compressor Drives

  • High & Low-Speed Gearboxes for Pump Drives

  • Jack Up Rig Gear Drives

  • Kiln Drives

  • Marine Gears

  • Mill Drives

  • Mixer Drives

  • Mud/Frac Pump Gear Drives

  • Pulverizer Drives

  • Right Angled Firewater Pump Gear Drives

  • Top Drive Gears

  • And Much More…

Flender Gearbox Repair

Weco Gearboxes Repair

Falk Preheater Gearbox Repair

Amarillo Double-Reduction Cooling Tower Gearbox Repair

Before: Lightning Mixer Gearbox Repair

After: Lightning Mixer Gearbox Repair

Flender Cooling-Tower Gearbox with Attached Motor Repair

For All of Your Gear Drives IRM is at Your Service!


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