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Serviced Gears

Industrial Rotating Machine Specializes in repairing, reconditioning and manufacturing a variety of gears and materials that are broken, chipped, gauged, pitted, worn, and damaged

With the largest selection of gear types and materials to choose from, Industrial Rotating Machine can service and repair almost any equipment around. In addition, we carry a large inventory of the most common parts to ensure that we eliminate costly and time consuming  procurement processes. 


We Service All Kinds of Gears!

No matter what kind of gears you have chances are good that we service, manufacture and repair them…


Helical Bull Gear for a Sumitomo Gearbox Repair

Before - After Flender Gears for Flender Gearbox Repair


Before-After Herring-bone Pinon's for Farrell Gearbox

  • Bevel Gears

  • Cast Iron Gears

  • Cycloidal Gears

  • Defense Gears

  • Differential Gears

  • External Gears

  • Face Gears

  • Fine Pitch Gears

  • Girth Gears

  • Ground Gears

  • Helical Gears

  • Hypoid Bevel Gears

  • Herringbone Gears

  • Internal Gears

  • Industrial Gears

  • Mill Gears 

  • Pinion Gears 

  • Precision Gears 

  • Planetary Gears

  • Rack Gears

  • Ring Gears 

  • Sprocket Gears

  • Spiral Bevel Gears

  • Spur Gears

  • Straight Bevel Gears 

  • Sugar Mill Gears

  • Turbine Gears

  • Transmission Gears

  • Winch Gears

  • Worm Gears



Before: Helical Pinion for Foreign Gearbox


After: Helical Pinion for Foreign Gearbox

We Offer a Variety of Materials

Material Selection Can Make or Break a Project. We Offer A Wide Array of Material Choices for Your Convenience!

Aluminum Gears, Brass Gears, Cast Iron Gears, Copper Gears, Powdered Metal Gears, Steel Gears, Stainless Steel Gears, Titanium Gears, and more…

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