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Screw and Barrel Rebuilding and Repair

Screw and Barrel Rebuilding and Repair We Are the Screw Repair Leaders! When you give us your screw for rebuilding, our team of experts will do a thorough inspection of the overall condition of your screw to enable us to detect the root cause of the component

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Screws and Barrels Repair

Screws and Barrels Repair We do professional repairs of extruding screws, barrels, injection molding screws, feed screws, rubber molding screws, double-barreled screws, recycling knives, plastics granulating knives, grinder blades, chopper blades, and all types of mixtures, segments, and screens. Industrial Rotating Machine has a unique way of

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Gear Repair

Gear Repair We offer a wide range of industrial gearbox repair services. We can boast of several years of experience repairing highly critical transmissions in major industries in the world. Our Trained Technical Service Center in Texas is open 24/7 with standby managers on a two work

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